Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hello readers! It's, Kelsey Higgins here with an update from this week's class. This week, we learned how to make a Google survey and then make a presentation about our survey results on PowerPoint. I thought it was very interesting and cool to learn how to make a survey and then see the results from what people were asked.
In general, I love that surveys offer such diversity. People come from all walks of life, so having anonymous surveys gives each person the chance to not only answer truthfully, but give their differing opinions to each question.
After surveyed at least 10 people, we had to take the results and make a PowerPoint presentation about it. I thought it was really cool seeing the diverse answers to each question I asked. My focus for my survey was Facebook. I had surveyors range in ages from 15 years old to over 26 years old. I am glad I not only had different ages but different genders. 
I think that making a survey and seeing the results is a great skill to have for when I become an educator. I can easily make a survey for my students and ask them questions about the content they are learning. I think getting their honest opinion on whether or not they know it is really important to me. If I taught something and many students seemed confused, surveying them and asking questions about the content that was taught would be a great idea. It is also important as a teacher to use PowerPoints to help get points across. If I surveyed my students about what they were confused on and then showed the results via PowerPoint, it would show that they are not the only one confused with the subject. I think that the PowerPoint project and Google survey works well with digital age learning, student learning, digital age work, and digital citizenshp in the ISTE standards.
Look for a blog next week! Thanks for the read! 

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